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Sunday, March 16, 2014

:Diamante: Celtic Wedding Rings in Mainstore Now!!!

Looking for something unique to surprise your partner with? Look no further! These rings are sure to make your day one they soon won't forget!

There are 9 gemstones to choose from. You can purchase the gemstone of your choice, or the Premium HUD version which includes each gemstone. The Premium HUD Version includes a HUD with every gemstone option.

The mens ring by itself, or in each set, includes a proposal animation and HUD and :Diamante: Closed Ring Box to use as a prop. Set this box out to surprise your partner or have it special delivered. (No display ring in this box, Prop purposes only!)

NOTE: These rings are awesome for any fashion style! NOT just weddings & engagements. (Sold individually for fashion purposes)

Engravings are available! Stop by our store today for more information or to DEMO the included animations with your ring purchases.